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Though I have conducted many Energy Healings over the years, I have also been grounded in the commercial world in Australia. Whilst studying Law and Economics at Monash University, I founded a travel and tour Company. Operating hundreds of public and group tours around Australia, these were by coach and/or air travel, combined with accommodations and camping for the general public, clubs, and school groups. These itineraries were to destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian outback, and the Tropical areas. I later operated a Marketing and Advertising operation, creating a substantial financial success.

However, healing beckoned, as destiny asserted itself.

A lady collapsed in front of me, and exclaimed she was dying. My immediate reaction was to use the gift of the healing powers. After 15 minutes, she was moving around like a schoolgirl. Being a clairvoyant, she could fully feel and see this energy, and exclaimed, "This power must be really fully used!". I mentioned this to another clairvoyant friend the next day, and she asked if I could work on her as well. For many years, she had experienced a bad wrist that would not permit her to lift as much as a paper-bag. After one session, it was corrected with no problem. She also had a bad back that had been torturing her for 30 years. That was repaired as well. She also had a migraine that was periodically very painful. She could see things very clearly with her "3rd eye". As I worked on her head, she saw "spiritual doctors" enter and begin operating. It was as clear as watching a movie, frame by frame. Those doctors came into "the picture", wearing hospital garb. They pulled away the skin behind the head, went into the cranium, adjusted a pinched nerve at the top of the spine, poured in colored liquid, made adjustments, stood back, admired their work, sealed up the skin, pulled off their gloves, smiled, and departed. All this on another plane or "parallel universe" or the etheric...or.

Since then, this lady has had many "healings." The doctors came onto the scene, among other figures e.g. angels. All sorts of remarkable things happened at each "operation". They would use crystals; color liquids, electrical circuits, instruments for re-arranging organs and tissues, a unique situation for each event. The whole thing to us became commonplace. There was never a hassle and never a problem; smooth, easy, happy. Often, other unknown priorities were cleared in the best sequence "at the best times, in the best ways".

Many healings have taken place, extending to those enduring disease, disability or lack and limitation in any sphere of life. These powers are palpably stronger all the time (A bit like upgrading computers these days: more powerful with chips, memory, capacity and specifications). In a way, a healing is like a download from one terminal to another, with healing files being transferred onto another's "hard drive" by mutual choice. All invocations are done with a professional results-oriented philosophy, BUT with a smooth and happy approach utilizing the crystallized techniques of countless healings over the years.

By telephone, it operates anywhere, anytime. The "healing force" has been measured. While conducting a healing from Australia, through a Florida therapist's phone, to a lady in California the therapist had a meter that he hooked up, "in session". He later said the electronic charge could clearly be seen, with the needle swing, at the time of healing. Similar to the aura electro-magnetic field.

My role, which I enjoy, is as a facilitator. My surname is a clue as to healing being my foreordained pathway, in "the Script". It is rewarding to see people in pain and at low ebb, sometimes with life threatening "challenges", bounce back. Or, by intent, reduce to nothing those blocks, barriers or limitations that have have been chosen to clear, once and for all

EVERYTHING!!! is on the table for the potential of "curing", healing, or clearing. YOU have the power to create from NOTHING, or, return any situation and condition back to NOTHING

Initially, it is fruitful to employ a few of the time-honored axioms:

"Ask and thou shalt receive"
"Faith moves mountains"

Sincerely, with . . . heart energy


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