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Energy Healing by Denis Energy Healing by Denis Energy Healing by Denis all healing is Energy Transfer thought, touch, intention, purpose, desire, will
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There is a science to healing, just as there is a science behind everything one does and every action one takes. Behind and beyond all science is SPIRIT or vibrational energy frequencies, the fuel that impels the phenomena of the physical world forward. The body is not so much healed by the healer, but that the healer is the impetus and catalyst of the healing process. All healing of self is done by self, either through the conscious or unconscious process of creating an environment where the catalyst is available. It is not enough to say that one is healed alone, because as all are connected by the mass consciousness of the planet, and are all a part of the drama here, each may choose to be of assistance to the other, and in so doing, assist themselves.

All healing is invoking ENERGY TRANSFER. This vibration is manifested in the form of thoughts, touch, intention, purpose, ingested material, desire and will. It is the transfer and alteration of energy. A transforming by self choice.

In this new millennium, it signifies the need to minimize invasive surgical procedures and drugs. Energy healing means forging forward with no concern about those who want to bind people to the status quo of medicine, but focussing on Universal Mind, and the new levels of understanding and "Miracles" manifestation. Healing takes place not only on this plane, but also at many levels of the individual who desires to be healed.

We are ONE whole and complete beingness. From NOTHING comes the infinite possibilites of ....

People are learning to sense harmonious and discordant energies. How to adjust, and transmit and receive energies. Of going within, to find the endless motion of creation. Many who want to create new and awesome possibilities and begin to transform their world, look inside and start healing themselves and their world. Spirit, energy, is the basis for all things from the body of the galaxy, to the subatomic bodies that move then ever smaller.

The electromagnetic field that surrounds the Earth and moves through the entire Universe is continuously adjusted and affected by every move, thought and action. We are part of the intricate web of energy that flows through the entire Cosmos. Which affects each other. The ability to affect energy is intrinsic, as we are energy interconnected - a connection between spirit, thought, intention and the body (matter)-in space and time.
Yes, beyond the illusion of separation and lack and limitation, we are ONE whole and complete beingness.

This awakening of energy manipulations means science is just another name for “spirit.” There is a realization that the ailments and illnesses are related to thought forms and emotions, which are the power and impetus of the universe, by focus and intent. Thus, viewing the body as a machine is limiting and contradictory to the healing process. Enlightened scientists are daily now writing of the infinite pulse of life that pervades the atom, and every wave of energy. So that, "miracles" of 100 years ago are, today, commonplace. And, with a quantum leap, today's "miracles" will be commonplace in the evolution of 100 years ahead. “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only change form.”

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