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Energy Healing by Denis Energy Healing by Denis Energy Healing by Denis all healing is Energy Transfer thought, touch, intention, purpose, desire, will
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You get to choose the space to manifest answers for illness, disability, emotional, mental, lifestyle, or financial challenges.

Healing occurs by becoming a conduit for a Higher Vibrational Frequency. Though the techniques have been honed, I was born with "this gift" and my conscious self tends to guide this energy with intent. Healing often manifests as heat and light . . .

I invoke:

I have found over the years, that incredible things occur. It is a link to an Intelligence that knows - Where, What, How, When to Operate with Surgical Precision - beyond the material world of time and space constraints and logic belief systems that perhaps we have been programmed to accept (handed down to us).

It can be considered limitless in its healing possibilities, and seemingly miraculous in its results. "Cures" or healing are non-intrusive, drugless, painless, and usually, quite enervating. No downside or negative outcome should be expected, particularly with the intensive ongoing monitoring and mentoring, to which this healing readily responds.

Each healing is unique - there is no exact format. A skim of many Testimonials will provide a personal insight into varied possibilities. Techniques are gentle, and highly successful by telephone as well as "in person".

I do not bring any religion into the Healings - however, undoubtedly, there is a “spiritual” dimension to the invoked energies, transmitted and received. Ultimately, it could be defined as invoking “ONE ENERGY” that is and permeates everything. The Power of ONE. It is noticeable that probably a positive or accepting outlook is a catalyst for truly life changing healing events.

Be open.

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